Tyre Changer
Dual Assist Arm Wheel Clamp Tyre Changer
PL-1298IT Dual Assist  Arm Wheel Clamp Tyre Changer Suitable for cars,
motorcycles and light truck, BMW 7 series .The PL-1298IT is our professional
tire dealer or large car dealership dual assist arm tilt back wheel clamp tyre changer.

1. Wider and bigger machine cabinet and 28” large turntable greatly increase work strength
2. Clamping jaws are totally one step die casting, sturdy and durable
3. International patent right 098 help arm: simple, reliable and stable
* Nylon pressing roller helps to build a little space 2-3mm between the rim and the bird head, to avoid metal bird head scratch the rim.
* Easy to operate, one man can dismantle big tire easily, such as tyre for BMW 7series.
5. 009 Multi-function left help arm,
* 360o rotary tyre pressing help arm, with combined tyre pressing head has functions of lifting tyre, pressing tyre and central positioning.
* Central positioning function: make rim and tyre detached & clamp jaws quickly and conveniently
* Function of lifting tire makes it easily to raise the low profile tires
6. Stable 098 right & 009 left help arms system extends working coverage. Pneumatic controlled tyre pressing device can be freely lifted and located at any position.
7. Max working clamping 28″
8. The round column is used as air tank
9. Quick air booster makes the tyre and rim jointed instantly, especially suitable for the low profile tyre.
10.Standard be equipped with plastic protector for demount/mount head, jaws and bead break shovel, protect the rim
12.Easy to learn for operation, covers less space
13.Quickly demount/mount the tyres saving the working time and improving work efficiency
14.Semi-automatic swing arm
15.Four angles directional adjustable tyre pressing shovel is suitable for pressing various low profile tyres from any angle


External locking rim dimensions 12~26″
Internal locking rim dimensions 14~28″
Max.Wheel diameter 1143 mm(45″)
Max.Wheel width 406 mm(16″)
Working Pressure 8-10 bar(116-145 PSI)
Opitonal Power supply 110 V (1 ph)/ 220 V (1 ph/3 ph)/ 380 V (3 ph)
Optional Mottor power 0.55/0.75/1.1 kw
Noise Level <75 dB
Dimension(main body) 1130*900*1050 mm(3.7*3.0*3.4 ft)
N/G weight(main body) 254/310 kg(559/682 lbs)

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