Intelli Probe Polarity Tester
(Auto Electrical Tester)
Product Features:
Operating Voltage: 6V- 24V DC.
Polarity Testing.
Continuity Testing.
Short Circuit Protection.
Energize Components in Vehicle.
Test Components out of the Vehicle.
Ideal for Motorcycles, Cars, Boats and Trucks.

Target Market:
Vehicle sound and security fitment centres.
Towbar fitment centres.
Outdoor enthusiasts with motorcycles, boats etc.
Farmers with tractors, trucks etc.

Connect your Intelli Probe to the battery of the vehicle and you will have a multitude of testers at your finger tips.
Use the probe to instantly check the polarity of wires and connections with the LED on the unit.
Turn the switch on and you’ll have an instant power or ground connection on the probe tip.
Instantly check components for continuity as well as identify positive, negative and open circuits without re-polarising hook-up clips.
Follow and locate shorts without wasting fuses – A REAL TIME SAVING TOOL.
The 5m lead will allow you to test from on side of the vehicle to the other without jumper leads.

When activating electrical components with voltages, avoid haphazardly applying voltages to certain circuits,
as this may cause damage to some electronic components in the vehicle. Use the correct schematic and diagnostic
procedures whilst testing.
The IntelliProbe has the ability to energize the probe tip and apply power from the vehicle
battery to the circuit being tested. Caution must be exercised to ensure that low voltage signals,
ECU signals, Sensor Wires, ABS Control Wires etc. are not energized in this way to avoid damage to these circuits.

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