Horizontal-vertical Circular Dividing Tables Including 3-jaw Chuck
RTE 165
*Quality Circular Dividing Tables made of High Quality Meehanite Cast
*Reliable and Precise *Precision Taper Roller Bearing
*Stability Even Under Heavy Load *Large Spindle Hole to Clamp longer Workpieces
*Direct Dividing via Locking Discs for Higher Manufacturing Speed for Mass Parts
*Degree Division on a Scale of 360º (RTE 165)
*Direct Dividing via Locking Disc *24 Positions (15º division) *Three Jaw Chuck
*7Locking Disks for 2/3/4/6/8/12/24 Divisions *Including Clamping Disk with 3 Grooves

Technical Data RT 150
Centring Cone MT2
Transmission Ratio 90:01:00
Disk Size mm 150
Constuction Height mm 79
Length mm 204
Width mm 156
Centre Height mm 102
Slot Width mm 11
Number Grooves 4
Indirect Dividing Equipment Yes
Nett Weight kg 12
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