Quick Action Tool Holder
*Repeat Accuracy 0.01mm
*Angle Scale on the Tool Holder Head
*40 Different Angle Settings *Height Adjustment by Means of a Knirled Screw
*Tool Holder Head and Tool Holder with Profile Ground Toothing
*Clamping of Tool Holder Free of Play Accurately Repeatable

Quick Action Tool Holder Kit SWH3-E
*1 Tool Holder Head E
*3 Tool Holder 20×100 Type D for Square Tools
*Tool Holder 30×100 Type H for Round Tools
*For Self-assembly

Tool Holder Type H          Rear View
for Round Tools                Tool Holder Type H
1 Piece                                 For Round Tools

Tool Holder Type D           Rear View
for Square Tools                Tool Holder Type D
3 Piece                                 For Square Tools

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