Timing Tool Set for BMW
Timing Tool Set for BMW M40, M41, M43, M44, M47, M50, M51, M52, M70, M73 2.0L, 16V
To set the correct timing on both camshaft and crankshaft whilst replacing the
timing belt or chain on both petrol and diesel engines. Includes a special wrench
for controlled turning of the exhaust camshaft sprocket when removing & installing the VANOS unit.
Includes primary timing chain pre-Load tool for tensioning the timing chain on M50 engines.
22mm Thread for M42/M60 Engines. 26mm Thread for M50/M52 Engines.
Material: SS41, S45C
Finish: Zinc Plated, Black Oxide

325 TDS (E36), 252 TD LCI (E34), 525 TD (E39), 252 TDS (E34),
252 TDS LCI (E34), 525 TDS (E39), 725 TDS (E38), 316i (E36), 316i LCI (E36),
318i (E36), 318i LCI (E30), 318i M (E36), 318Ci (E46), 318i (E46), 318is (E36),
318ti (E36), 320i (E36), 320Ci (E46), 320 (E21), 323i (E36), 323ti (E36), 325i (E36),
328i (E36), 518i (E34), 518i LCI (E34), 520i (E34), 520i (E39), 523i (E39),
252i (E34), 525ix (E34), 528i (E39), 728i (E38), 728iL (E38), 750i (E32), 750iL (E32),
750i (E38), 750iL (E38), 850i (E31), 850iC (E31), Z3 1.8i (E36), Z3 1.9i (E36), Z3 1.9i LCI (E36),
Z3 3.0i LCI (E36), L7 (E38)

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