Scissor Lift
PL – H30 Portable 5,511 Lbs. Capacity Mid Rise Scissor Car Lift is the
perfect above ground lift for those customers with ceiling height restrictions
and the need for “enough lift” to raise pick-up trucks.
This PULI full rise scissor lift is also perfect for those service shops that want to
avoid the cluttered look of dozens of vertical lift columns.

1) This is a plug-n-play surface mounted low profile scissor lift suits for tire changing and quick service with 2500 KG lifting capacity.
2) 100 mm minimum height, 620 mm lifting height.
3) Durable one-piece platform.
4) Mechanical safety locking system.


Model PL – H30
Feature Mechanical safety locking system
Lifting Capacity 2500 KG(5,511 lbs)
Lifting Height 620 mm(24.2″)
Platform Height 100 mm(3.9″)
Platform Length 1400 mm(55″)
Drop Time 25s
Rise Time 25S
Power of Motor 20V/380V 1/3 PHASE
Power Supply 2.2kw

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