RT 150

Circular dividing table

Technical Specifications

Chucks 150 mm
Construction height 79 mm
Width 156 mm
Length 204 mm
Centre height 102 mm
Slot width 11 mm
Indirect indexing plate yes
Weight 12 kg


Horizontal-vertical circular dividing tables

  • Quality circular dividing tables made of high-quality Meehanite cast
  • Precision bearing
  • Stability even under heavy load
  • Large spindle hole lo clamp longer workpieces
  • Quick-action dividing via locking discs for higher manufacturing speed for mass parts
  • Hardened and ground screw
  • Working table with 360° scaling
  • 1 turn of the handwheel 4° rotation
  • Scaling on the handwheel 2I
  • Possible division via scaled handwheel with vernier
  • Up to 150 pcs. different divisions with indirect dividing plates are available
  • Optional: CNC add-on kit’s MK RT1 and MK RT2 to control the horizontal vertical circular dividing tables
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