OPTImill F 3Pro

CNC milling machine

Technical Specifications

Length approx. 1410mm
Width / depth approx. 1372mm
Height approx. 2007mm
Weight approx. 1000kg
Total connection value 5kva
Supply voltage 400V
Phase (s) 3 Ph
Current Type AC
power frequency 50 Hz
Knife head size max. 50mm
End mill size max. 25mm
Vertical spindle Spindle mount BT 30
Vertical spindle speed range 4000rpm 1
Explanation vertical spindle speed range Please note that the maximum spindle speed in continuous operation must be reduced by approx. 20%
Horizontal milling length 620mm
Horizontal milling width 180mm
Distance vertical spindle – horizontal milling min. 40mm
Distance vertical spindle – horizontal milling table max. 277mm
Horizontal milling T-slots size 12mm
Horizontal milling T-slots number 3mm
Horizontal milling T-slots distance 50mm
Horizontal milling load max. 30kg
Feed speed X-axis 6000mm / min
Feed speed Y-axis 8000mm / min
Feed speed Z-axis 10,000 mm / min
Torque Feed motor X-axis Continuous operation S1 1,9Nm
Torque Feed motor Y-axis Continuous operation S1 3.5nm
Torque Feed motor Z-axis Continuous operation S1 3.5nm
Coolant pump (s) Drive power 95W
Coolant system tank contents 30l
Vertical spindle Power Drive motor Continuous operation S1 1.5kW
Vertical spindle Power Drive motor S6-30% operation 2.2kW
Vertical spindle Torque Drive motor Continuous operation S1 9,5Nm
Vertical spindle torque drive motor 30% operation S6 14nm
Traverse X-axis automatically 355mm
Traverse Y-axis automatically 190mm
Traverse Z-axis automatically 245mm
repeatability +/- 0.02 mm
positioning +/- 0.01 mm


Universal milling machine with servo drives and SIEMENS SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED

  • Linear guide in all axes
  • All axes with ball screw
  • Servo drive in all axes (X, Y and Z axis)
  • Tool change by pressing a button (electro-pneumatic tool clamping device)
  • Coolant system
  • Central lubrication
  • Pivoting control panel
  • Software package “SINUMERIK 808D on PC” included. (Practical training software that lets you program and simulate workpieces offline on the PC.) Download it for free at www.cnc4you.com.

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