Bottle Jacks
Industrial Quality With CE and GS Tuv.
Mark of Approval With Built In Overload Safety Valve

Heat treated extension scrw allows low pickup height adjustment and maximum lift height.
Serrated, heat treated saddle provides generous lifting area and secure grip.
A wide, rugged base provides stability and strength. All models critical stress points are reinforced for added durability and dependability.
Product Information:
This Bottle Jack product is designed for lifting.
The jack can be used vertically or angled to 3 degrees from vertical position.
After lifting, loads must be immediately supported by jack stands.
Each model is suitable for use in lifting or positioning vehicles, machinery, houses and/or other building structures.

Capacity (Ton): 32
Min. Height (A) (mm): 260
Lift Height (B) (mm): 160
Adjustable Height (C) (mm): /
N.W (Kg): 17.8
G.W (Kg): 18.05
Package Size (mm): 195 x 185 x 280
Max. Height (D) (mm): 430
Width & Length (ExF) (mm): 185 x 165

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