Freewheel Puller Set 10 Piece
Comprehensive set of flywheel pullers used to separate flywheel from the crankshaft taper.
Ten Piece Set to Serve Fifteen Different Thread Applications.
The M27 x P1.0 ia a Left Hand Thread.
The Remaining Sizes are Right Right Hand Threads.
All are Securely Stored in a Strong Mould Case.
Contents: M14 x p1.5(R), M16 x P1.5(R), M18 x P1.5(R), M26 x P1.0(R), M28 x P1.0(R),
M25 x P1.5(R), M22 x P1.0(R), M28 x P1.5(R), M19 x P1.0(R), M26 x P1.5(R), M22 x P1.5(R),
M27 x P1.25(R), M20 x P1.0(R), M27 x 1.0(L), M24 x P1.0(R)


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