Flow Meter Common Rail and  Injector Adapter Set 31 Piece
A professional test kit that is used to monitor the Diesel fuel return comparison on a common rail diesel system between each individual injector, and monitoring up to 6 injector flows during each test sequence. 
This simple test is to be carried out on the low-pressure fuel side only and tampering with the potentially hazardous, highly-pressurised fuel is not required or recommended. 
This test requires the removal of the return flow pipes only and fitting the specific test lines with adaptors to the injectors requiring testing. This can quickly determine if an injector is functioning correctly. 

This kit is suitable for the following systems:  Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens/VDO. 

All adaptors are in a sturdy red blow mould carry case which also includes fuel resistant easy to read calibration tubes / containers and flexible hoses.
Up to 6 cylinders measured simultaneously
Includes comprehensive quick connect fittings
Includes blank off tubes and pinch off pliers
Contains measurement tubes for short term test (crank only condition) and bottles for more accurate long term tests.


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