Fan Clutch Tool Mercedes Benz
The tool set can remove the lock nuts on the thermo-viscous fans in
Mercedes, BMW, Ford, etc.
The special open end spanners can remove and replace the radiator fan hub.
It can lock the water pump pulley during the replacing job on the radiator fan.
And it allows the coupling removing on the cooling fan.
The tools can be used to hold the Visco-clutch drive shaft in BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

1PC-65mm Mercedes Fan Clutch Wrench
1PC-32mm BMW Fan Clutch Wrench
1PC-36mm Mercedes Fan Clutch Wrench
1PC-40mm Mercedes Fan Clutch Wrench
1PC-38mm BMW Fan Clutch Holding Wrench
1PC-44.5mm BMW Fan Clutch Holding Wrench
1PC-Mercedes Fan Clutch Holding Tool
1PC-Universal Fan Belt Adjustment Wrench
1PC-10mm Allen Keys
1PC-8mm Allen Keys
1PC-2.5mm Allen Keys
Engine Codes:
6 CYL , 6 CYL 4 VLV, 8 CYL 4 VLV, 12 CYL 4 VLV
Mercedes: 112, 113, 103, 104, 111, 119, 120, 602, 603, 605, 606, 420, 560,
BMW: M10, M20, 
M30, M40, M41, M42, M50, M60, M62



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