Metal Band Saw for Easy Sawing


  • Metal band saw with double mitre of heavy type
  • Heavy industrial type
  • Low-noise running
  • High cutting accuracy due to vibration-free running
  • Two switchable speeds 36/72 m/min.
  • Mitre adjustment to -60° by slewing the whole saw bow
  • Combinable and individually adjustable hard metal and ball bearingguidings of the saw band
  • With high-grade bimetallic saw band supplied as standard
  • Limit stops exactly adjustable within an accuracy of a degree
  • Chip brush
  • Micro switch for automatic limit stop
  • Roller support adjustable for long and heavy workpieces
  • Fully equipped machine, the user can immediately start to work productively

Saw band tension

  • Simple and correct setting of the saw band tension by means of a manometer

Saw band guiding

  • Ball bearing with hard metal plates for optimum cutting results

Robust quick-action vice

  • Generously dimensioned
  • Adjustable via handwheel
  • Clamping the workpiece by means of the handy quick action lever
  • Shiftable for large materials

Control panel

  • main switch
  • Control light for operation
  • Emergency-stop push button
  • Switch coolant pump
  • Speed selector switch

Hydraulic cylinder

  • Precise, infinitely variablesaw bow movement
  • CE conformity of the electric system
  • EMC filter (electromagnetic compatibility)

Lowering speed

  • Simple adjustment via feed gear control valve on the control panel
  • Emergency-stop push button

Material stop

  • with scale

Coolant pump

Machine substructure

  • Robust

Technical Specifications

Length 1750 mm
Width/depth 1075 mm
Height 1420 mm
Max. width/depth 1415 mm
Max. height 2000 mm
Net weight 550 kg
Drive motor output 2.2 kW
Coolant pump motor output 50 W
Supply voltage 400 V
Phase(s) 3 Ph
Current type ~
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Clamping range 0° round (full material) 270 mm
Clamping range 0° quadratic (full material) 230 mm
Clamping range 0° rectangle horizontal (full material) 230 x 350 mm
Clamping range -45° round (full material) 230 mm
Clamping range -45° quadratic (full material) 170 mm
Clamping range -45° rectangle horizontal (full material) 140 x 200 mm
Clamping range +45° round (full material) 230 mm
Clamping range +45° quadratic (full material) 200 mm
Clamping range +45° rectangle horizontal 210 x 220 mm
Clamping range +60° round (full material) 140 mm
Schnittbereich +60° quadrat (Vollmaterial) 140 mm
Clamping range +60° rectangle horizontal 140 x 220 mm
Feed continuously variable
Saw band speed(s) 36 / 72 m/min
Saw band length 2925 mm
Saw band width 27 mm
Saw band thickness 0,9 mm
Cutting angle -45 to 60 degree
Lifting the saw bow manual

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