Four Post Lift – 4000Kg
PL-F40 is a four post lift with extra height, but can also fit within a typical parking space.
This 4 post lift can double as a parking space without the need of a tricky installation.

1) This is a four-post vehicle lift for alignment service with 3500 KG lifting capacity for main unit, 2000 KG lifting capacity for the rolling jack.
2) 220 mm minimum height, 1750 mm lifting height for main unit, 490 mm lifting height for the rolling jack.
3) Adjustable width between two platforms suits for various vehicle’s track width.
4) Durable steel one-piece runway.
5) Mechanical lock engaged automatically during lifting process.


Model PL-F40
Feature Manual unlock
Lifting Capacity 4000 KG(8,818 lbs)
Lifting Height 1700 mm(67”)
Platform Height 170 mm(6.7″)
Platform Length 4250 mm(167″)
Drop Time 30s
Rise Time 30s
Power of Motor 20V/380V 1/3 PHASE
Power Supply 2.2kw

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